Volunteers Needed

Music Boosters has many volunteer opportunities coming up in October, November, and December. We need your help in supporting ourfantastic music students!

*October 25, Football Game Concessions
We still need a few more workers to staff the concession stand at the last DHS football game of the season. We are covering the second shift and will receive 25% of the evening’s income. Second shift runs 7 p.m. until closing. We especially need people to work halftime (so you would be able to hear the marching band but not see it). Choir and orchestra parents, maybe?  Please contact Heidi Koenig at 815.501.1111 orheidi.koenig@comcast.net.
*October 27, Pumpkin Parade Lunch
Music Boosters provides a hot dog lunch for the marching band and color guard (DHS, HMS, and CRMS) after they march in the Pumpkin Parade. We need volunteers to help serve that lunch. Time is roughly 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and you will be able to see the bands in the parade.  We need approximately 4 people at 11 a.m., and 8-10 the remaining 3 hours.  Please contact Jen Conley at 815.762.4585 ormusicandhealing@yahoo.com.
*November 16, IMEA Festival
Music Boosters runs concessions at the district IMEA festival, held at DHS. This is a great money-making opportunity for us, with all those hungry teenagers, but we need lots of help to serve them! The concession stand is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the greatest need for volunteers coming 11-1:30, when we serve lunch, and 4-6, when we serve dinner. We also need one or two volunteers early morning (around 7 a.m.), to help get the directors’ room ready.  Please contact Carol Lee Duffin at 815.793.5591 or duffinc13@yahoo.com.
*Fall Fruit Sale
We are in need of several volunteers who are available during the day, to help with unloading and sorting the fruit delivery. Exact date and time are unknown right now, but we’ll have more information later.
If you are available to help with any (or all!) of these events, please email us at dekalbmusicboosters428@gmail.com, talk to any Music Boosters board member (Carol Lee Duffin, Amy Roberts-Clark, Jen Conley, Jennifer Corbin) or contact the event chair via the information listed above. You do not need to be available for an entire event—-we’ll take whatever time you can give us. Parents, grandparents, older siblings are all welcome to help.

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