January Updates

No Booster meeting in January, but some great concerts around the corner – I have posted highlights from Mr. Lundin’s recent email  –

Le Vent Du Nord from Quebec in workshops throughout the week, with a public concert scheduled for Saturday the 18th at 7:00pm

The following Tuesday, the Dist. 428 music faculty will be presenting our annual faculty recital.  The concert starts at 7pm here in the auditorium.  Please consider coming out to see the many talents of the fine music staff here in Dist. 428.

And for Booster consideration…

Also, we are still looking for host families to support the St. Olaf Band concert- please read the following note and consider contacting Mrs. Peg Crittenden to help support this exciting event.  If your child has any aspirations of playing music in college (regardless of their major) this is an excellent opportunity to interact 1-on-1 with college musicians.

The St. Olaf College Band will perform a concert at DeKalb High School on Friday, February 7, 2014.  B Crittenden , DHS alum and Marching Barb Drum Major in 2010-11 is a member of this band and she is excited about sharing their music with her hometown.  Her mother, Peg Crittenden has offered to help St. Olaf find families to host students from the band for the night following the concert and is reaching out in hopes that you would be willing to help.

I believe you would find hosting these students to be a fun and fulfilling experience.  St. Olaf College is a highly respected liberal arts college – its students are positive, intelligent, and thoughtful young adults.  We have approximately 93 students to house overnight thus I would greatly appreciate you considering being a host family.
Below are a few details about the opportunity:
Date:  Friday, February 7, 2014.  Concert held at DeKalb High School at 7:00 p.m.
Location:  Hosts should live within a 25 minute drive of the concert venue.
Two Students Per Household Minimum:  Students must be housed in groups of two or more per household.  Students are accustomed to sharing a double bed with a member of the same gender.  Please do not place students on couches.
Transportation and Schedule:  Hosts will transport student guests home after the concert and return them the next morning to the high school at 10:00 a.m.
Meals:  Hosts should provide their students with a post-concert snack and breakfast on the morning following the concert.
Response Date:  ASAP
Necessary Information:  If you are willing to be a host family, please respond with the following information:
1.  Host Name
2.  Address
3.  Cell phone
4.  Home Phone
5.  Pets
6.  Smokers in the house (Y/N)
7.  Number of student guests you will accommodate
8.  Gender of student guests, if preferable
Thank you for considering the opportunity to host members of the St. Olaf Band in your home.   Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Crittenden if you have any questions, or if you know of other local families who might be willing to host.  If you are not able to host please put the concert on your calendar.  It promises to be a fun evening of wonderful music.
Contact information is below:
Peg Crittenden
815-756-5535 (Home)
815-762-8331 (Cell)

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