Scrip Orders on First Friday

DeKalb Music Boosters will be running a Scrip (gift card) fundraiser each month.  Orders will be due on the first Friday of each month: March 3, April 7, May 5
Use the gift cards for special occasions, or just for your regular gas or groceries. You are spending the exact same amount you already would, but Music Boosters makes a profit. It’s easy!
There are three ways to order scrip (or more accurately, method 1, method 2a, and method 2b)
Method 1
Music Boosters provides order forms, either on paper, through email, or on webpage/Facebook/etc. (or all three). Or right here – mb_scrip_form_2017-1   Customers print out an order form, mark the scrip they wish to purchase, and give the form, with a check made out to Music Boosters, to either Angel Smith at DHS or Carol Lee Duffin (You can contact her at
The order form we provide lists local retailers and the most popular online merchants. Customers can also go to and click on “retailer list” at the bottom of the home page to see everything Great Lakes Scrip Center carries. We can order any scrip they carry; we just make our own order form to keep it a manageable size.
We order the scrip and distribute it to customers when it arrives. With everything due on Friday, Carol Lee will order first thing Monday morning, and since this isn’t the holiday season, she expects the scrip will arrive at the high school by Wednesday. If she can get it at DHS Wednesday, it will be ready for distribution Thursday night or Friday morning. Parents can have it sent home with their kids or arrange another way to get it.
Method 2a
For online ordering, customers can go to and create a family account. They will need an enrollment code, which Carol Lee has, but GLSC strongly recommends that we not put the enrollment code on any handout or mass email, because of the risk of fraud. If people want to set up a family account for online ordering, they can contact her and she will email them the code and more specific instructions.
Once someone has a family account, they can go online and order whatever they need. If their order contains plastic cards, it will be added to the next order Carol Lee places, whenever that happens to be. If their order contains ScripNow, which is scrip that can be printed with a home computer, they will be able to print it as soon as she releases their order, which she will do when she receives payment.
Not all retailers are available through ScripNow. When a customer goes to order online, icons will show if the scrip is available through cards, ScripNow, or Refill. (Certain cards previously purchased through GLSC can be refilled repeatedly.)
Method 2b
If customers want to bypass Carol Lee completely, they can sign up for a family account and then also sign up for PrestoPay. This links their family account to their personal bank account. When they place an order, the amount due will be debited directly from their bank account, instead of paid by check. This means they can order ScripNow at any time and print it nearly immediately, or Refill a card (again, a card previously purchased from GLSC) and have the refill funds available within 24 hours (some are almost instantaneous, some take a little longer). If someone with PrestoPay orders cards, the cards will still be added to the next Music Boosters order, not sent directly, but the customer won’t have to worry about getting Carol Lee a check or order form.
PrestoPay costs 15 cents per order (not per card or per retailer), charged to the customer, not to Music Boosters.
Other things to remember about scrip:
*These are the same gift cards you buy at the stores themselves
*No activation or other fees; what you pay is what you get (you pay $25 for a $25 gift card)
*Music Boosters earns money without you spending extra
*Scrip can be used for gifts or for your own everyday purchases (Walmart, Target, Jewel, etc.)
*With ScripNow, you can order scrip when you’re ready to make the purchase (for example, after you’ve decided the new stove will come from Sears instead of Lowe’s)
*You can invite friends and family members to order scrip also
*Scrip order deadlines are the day after Music Boosters meetings (at least this semester), so bring your order to the meeting!
Credit cards are not accepted, simply because the fees on credit card usage wipe out the small margins that allow GLSC to give us rebates. Questions? Contact Carol Lee Duffin at

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