Memory blankets make a great graduation gift!

Do you have a drawer full of t-shirts that you just can’t throw away because of all the memories they represent? If you’re a parent, likely you have a house full of t-shirts related to every experience your child has ever been involved in. And as graduation nears, why not turn those t-shirts into a lasting, personal memory of your child’s school years of sports, music, theater, clubs, volunteering and event t-shirts by having them made into a Memory T-Shirt blanket. Blankets can be made from any t-shirts provided, so blankets can also be made to honor the ongoing battles of cancer survivors or to remember loved ones who are no longer with us. Gift certificates are also available!

DeKalb High School Music Boosters has made an agreement with Project Repat to offer our friends and family not only the 15% discount they currently offer to every customer, but also to help us fundraise by donating $15 as a referral fee for every blanket ordered.
They do the cutting so you don’t have to – and you can have them put t-shirts on both sides. You can order them in any size from a small throw to a king size comforter.
Orders take about 2-3 weeks to make, so plan ahead if you want to have the blanket in hand by graduation as a gift.
A few videos describing why and how Project Repat does what they do:
Every t-shirt tells a story…
How they are made… in the USA!
Remember, $15 goes to our fundraising efforts for every blanket ordered.
Thank you for your support – and Happy Memories!

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