Support DeKalb Music Boosters During Give DeKalb County on May 6!

Did you know DeKalb Music Boosters is participating in Give DeKalb County this year for the first time ever?

Donations to DeKalb Music Boosters go directly to the support of music programs in DeKalb School District #428. Money may be used to purchase instruments, music, or equipment, fund student scholarships for music camps and college, or to offset travel expenses for music groups to participate in competitions and festivals.

If you’ve not participated before, the event is online, goes all day on Thursday, May 6, from midnight to midnight, and the minimum donation is $5, however our students’ potential is limitless with your support. 

I am confident the generous spirit of our community will ensure that the proud tradition of amazing music will play on in our schools for generations to come.
To learn more and to donate on Thursday, visit our giving profile at

I encourage you to share this message with family, friends and business associates.

Thank you!

Tamara Farrell, President
DeKalb Music Boosters
P.O. Box 249
DeKalb, Illinois

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