Nonprofit Leader Benefits Fine Arts Programs with Donations

When a donated trumpet was left unclaimed at the end of her church’s rummage sale, Danita Sims wanted to ensure the instrument was placed into the hands of someone who could put it to good use.

Danita Sims was fortunate to be involved in music while growing up in Chicago. “My mother kept me out of inner-city troubles by having me learn to play instruments. I played both the clarinet and alto saxophone for both church and school events,” says Sims. “My love of music continued to grow as I competed in concert band, marching band and orchestra from elementary through high school. I was even chosen to be a drum major my senior year!”

Now, Sims puts her musical skills to good use for worship services at her church, Cathedral of Praise in DeKalb. “I have never forgotten the challenges I overcame, the leadership skills I developed, and the teamwork I experienced in performing music,” says Sims. “I belong to a church family who believes in supporting the needs of our community. And as a fellow musician, I hate to see instruments go untouched.”

Through her work as the founder and executive director of the Passion Pursuit Inc., which supports local community needs and underserved populations, Sims’ focus is on helping people.

Recently, Sims’ lifelong experience and interests converged. She saw a Facebook post about a fundraising event hosted by the DeKalb Music Boosters, and knew she had discover an opportunity to help her community in a special way.

Sims actually brought two trumpets with her to give on the day she came to DeKalb High School – the donated trumpet and another that had been in storage for long time – hoping both could eventually be used by students.

“I was proud to make the donation to the DeKalb Music Boosters to hopefully help a student or two experience the type of growth and healthy distraction that helped me see myself in this world, gain friendships for life, and express my faith as an adult.”

Within 24 hours of handing off the instruments, Sims’ wish came true. The donated trumpet was placed in the hands of a deserving middle school band student. The other trumpet, which was not playable, was passed along to the DeKalb High School Art Department to benefit students in drawing and painting classes.

“Especially now, as everyone continues to be impacted by the pandemic, the ability for families to secure funds to purchase instruments can be very difficult,” says Steve Lundin, DeKalb High School Band Director. “The band is especially grateful for donations that allow increased access to our programs.”

“On behalf of the DeKalb Music Boosters and the DeKalb School District Music Program, thank you, Ms. Sims, for your generosity,” says Tamara Farrell, DeKalb Music Boosters President. “We appreciate your caring spirit and kindness that will surely inspire others to donate unused musical instruments. It is wonderful when generous people like you donate an instrument, because it puts it into the hands of a student who may otherwise not have gotten the chance to take one home.”

For more information about how you can support the DeKalb Music Boosters, email

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